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Full specs to meet various orders.

The Structure of
Crystal Magic Film

Crystal Magic Film comes with an adsorbent glue, so it can be easily applied to existing glass.
Before installation, clean the glass well, peel off the protective film, mount it on the glass, and squeeze out the air thoroughly with a squeegee. At that time, it needs to be installed dry.

ITO Film

The Structure of
Crystal Magic Glass

When the power switch is turned on, the liquid crystal molecules align, incident light passes through, and the Crystal Magic Film panel becomes clear.
When the power is turned off, the liquid crystal molecules scatter light and the Crystal Magic Film panel becomes opaque.

ITO Film

Different Shapes

Crystal Magic Film and Crystal Magic Glass can be ordered in a variety of shapes.


    Crystal Magic Film(MF) Crystal Magic Glass(MG)
Operation Mode Power ON Transparent
Power OFF Opaque
Specification Maximum dimensions 1,500mm x
1,500mm x
Thickness 485 ± 10μm 7mm, 11mm, 13mm
Color tone Milky White
(On mode)
(Off mode)
(On mode)
Viewing angle About 150°
Electronic Specifications Operating environment -20°C to 70°C
(-68°F to 158°F)
Operating voltage AC 60V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power consumption 4W/m2
Switching speed 1 second or less (Off→On: About 0.1second | Off→On: About 0.4second)
Additional features UV shielding rate 99% over (SF & MG)
Can be turned ON/OFF gradually Yes
Projector projection Yes